Reading Her Body review
Maybe you even thought you had a great conversation going and then all of sudden it’s like someone just flipped a switch and suddenly she’s no longer interested…shot down….again…I’d wonder what I said and what I did. It crushed my self confidence and eventually I got to the point where I just hated going out to try to meet girls.I’d never know what to say, how to act, and sometimes I’d get shot down even before I got close enough to buy her a drink, and try out some of my “great pick up lines”.One day I was hanging out with my old college room mate, Jon, and we were talking over a beer at one of the local bars.The thing was, I didn’t care. I’d given up trying to meet anyone and Jon had a great girlfriend, so he wasn’t there to check out the women.I wasn’t buying what he was selling. There was absolutely no way she wanted anything to do with me. But Jon kept pushing me.I was amazed at how Jon somehow knew she was interested in me and I had to ask how he spotted the signs and I couldn’t.Jon told me that it was simple…her body was telling him everything he needed to know, I just needed to know what to look for…I had completely forgotten that he had spent the last several years working in courtrooms next to talented people that picked jurors and he also worked with criminal profilers who’s job it was to read people’s body language.But it went way beyond that. Apparently Jon had been spending a lot of time since we were roommates learning everything there was to know about body language.In fact, you never, ever need a pickup line when you know which women want you. Meeting women is as simple as just introducing yourself.Most communication is non-verbal. That means that no matter what a person is saying, their body language may tell a completely different story. And if you know what you’re looking for you know exactly what someone is saying without them ever saying a word.The problem is, 95% of men have no idea how to read women's bodies and miss the important signs that they are sending them.Most men think it’s them who are doing the choosing. They think they are in the driver's seat! But this isn't so; Not at all.“Hey Man, she’s checking you out… she wants you” and that’s usually followed up by the guy dropping some stupid line on the girl and ruining everything.In most cases men just luck out by catching an obvious sign, then stumble through their pickup lines.The truth is, 9 times out of 10, men spend the night buying drink after drink and wasting time on women that just aren’t interested.In less than 15 minutes, Jon was able to explain to me what to look for. It was like I had just become fluent in some other language.The fact is that woman initiate 90% of the “Mating Dance” by sending out little flirtatious signals, but it’s done in such a way that most men actually think they are the ones taking charge.She shoots you a half smile and turns away. This is where most men give up because they think she’s not interested. (Hint: it’s actually the green light to come over…)She primps herself, shows certain body parts, tilts her head and sends out other signals showing she’s interested. This is your time to pay attention closely.What if you paid attention to that little smile just long enough to understand she was telling you to come over to her…?What if you understood that the way she crossed her legs or tilted her head meant she was attracted to you…?“I’m Handing You the Magic Decoder Ring Right Now…Put It To Use In The NEXT 15 Minutes”Over the last 6 years I’ve spent countless hours writing down every single word that Jon told me. I watched thousands of guys strike out trying to meet women and seen hundreds hit home runs in just minutes.Then I hit the books. I started reading and consuming as much information as I could find about reading women's bodies. I probably read several hundred books and literally watched thousands of interactions close up.It was clear that most men just didn’t know what to look for, yet in every case they felt they were in complete control.The thing is, those guys always left feeling deflated just like I used to, that is until I used the techniques that Jon showed me.If you’re struggling to meet women with those bad pick up lines, or feel like you’re always striking.

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