50 Development Activities for Kids - Early Childhood Development Activities for Toddlers
50 Development Activities for Kids ebook contains 50 different ideas, ranging from crafts and creative projects, to cooking and physical activities. These ideas will keep you and your toddler busy, no matter what the weather!

There's no need for expensive equipment! All the activities can be done at home, using items you probably already have.

"Your book has introduced me to a whole range of activities I never would have thought of. I was worried the kids would get bored during the school holidays but we were so busy making potato stamps, animal cards, play dough, hacky-sacks and memory games that it flew by. You've really opened my eyes. Thank you! Simone - Cape Town.

50 Development Activities for Kids ebook tells you everything you need to know about how to occupy your toddler at home, while stimulating their growth and helping them reach those developmental milestones.

50 Development Activities for Kids ebook is jam-packed with useful activities and valuable tips. At the end of each activity is a summary of benefits outlining which major milestones your child will have met by completing that activity.

All of the activities in this book can be performed at home using items that you will already have, so there's no need to rush out and buy anything. Using home-based equipment means you save on costs and recycle unused items such as cool drink cans, plastic bottles, old wrapping paper, dried beans and baking materials, odd bits of material and cardboard. All the activities outlined in this E-book have...Read More Detail

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