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This eBook is an ultimate Tradebit Guide specifically written to introduce you to the world of Affiliate Marketing including detailed step-by-step tutorials (with screenshots). A variety of SEO and marketing techniques are in depth discussed in this book.

Hi. My name is Emil and I am a Successful Internet Marketer. Did you know that it’s possible to earn money online? It is!! I have done years of research and am earning money daily! There are more than 200 ways to earn money online. A variety of online businesses and programs through which you could earn a solid income include Clickbank, Amazon, Tradebit, eBay and Kalahari.

Tradebit is my current and most trustworthy MAIN source of income. If you don’t know what Tradebit is this will help: Tradebit is a marketing network (online business) used by thousands of people to buy/sell products (i.e. eBooks) online and earn commission on sales. Believe it or not! There are affiliates at Tradebit that each earn up to $5000 per month doing nothing more than celebrating an additional income and there there are those that earn less (i.e $500 per month) All they need is a push in the right direction.  That is usually accomplished with proper online tutorials.

During my research I studied hundreds of eBooks to gain a better understanding of Internet Marketing. There are hundreds of individuals that would like to know how I and other Internet Marketers are earning money online. Therefore I have created an in-depth proper marketing eBook containing step-by-step instructions and screenshots to guide you so that you can also enjoy the pleasure of an online automated income.

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