Alkaline water specialist - everything you need to know about ionized alkaline water
I am an Alkaline Water Consultant for a company selling alkaline water ionizer for many years. The reason I set up this website is to help more people around the world to understand the true benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water and the science behind the alkaline water ionizer. Everything I share here is out of years of reading and researches and my personal experience with hundreds of people drinking ionized alkaline water.

Due to some sensitive reasons, I cannot publicly tell you what happened to those titanium-platinum plates but you definitely do not want to let your family drink the water that passes through all those scary rusts, do you? B

Here is the good news... Formation of those rusts is preventable! There is a way to maintain the electrolysis plates so it can last as long as 10, 20, 30 years or MORE!

I was fascinated by ionized alkaline water since the very first day it was introduced to me. I had been drinking this wonderful water for 8 years and I am really amazed by the result. I have never visited doctor since then. I hardly catch flu or down with fever and my waist line had never changed for years and my skin is glowing.

I strongly believe that everyone living in this highly acidified mordern world needs to drink ionized alkaline water on top of supplements and medicine! I have a strong urge to share whatever I know about this wonderful water to as many people as I can. If you are planning to purchase a unit of alkaline water ionizer, kindly invest some time...Read More Detail

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